The regularity with which you wash your hair depends entirely on its length, natural texture and the sorts of things you put it through on a daily basis.  If you’ve got medium length hair and you’re at the gym every day, it’s worth washing out all that grime once a day.

On the other hand, if you’ve chemically treated your hair, it’s probably best to hold back on shampooing as you don’t want to dry it out any more than is necessary. Weirdly, the less you wash your hair, the less oily your scalp will produce.

Not much. Turning grey is caused by the demise of cells called melanocytes, which generate pigment to give hair its colour. In some cases greying might be due to nutritional imbalances, thyroid disorders or even Smoking.

Most of the time, however, it is simply genetic. If you’re not pleased with the gravitas that comes with greying, there are many male hair colourants on the market that can temporarily conceal them. Just make sure that the product you choose is ammonia-free.

Thinning hair, like grey hair and wrinkles, are yet another cruel consequence of age and genetics.

Progressive thinning is usually a sign of ‘male pattern baldness’, a hereditary hormone imbalance that causes hair follicles to start shutting down.

In spite of the many expensive re-growth products out there, there’s no guaranteed ‘cure’ for hair loss. But there are lots of things you can do to make hair appear thicker and even prevent thinning in the first place.

A good cut, ‘thickening’ hair care products as well as some prescription-only supplements can help give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Avoid excess oil, ‘heavy’ products or long styles as all these things can weight hair down, making the problem appear worse than it really is.

Technically referred to as trichoptilosis, split ends are the visible result of damaged cuticles (see hair hazards), where the hair literally splits into a y-shape at the tip.

While many products can help re-condition split ends, the only real way to cure them is to cut the hair.

Anything from a shoddy diet to too much chlorine in the pool can result in dry hair. And, if like most guys, you don’t use a conditioner, the problem can appear even worse. Avoid harsh products, heat styling and over-washing.

Also make sure you’re getting enough essential fatty acids in the way of deep-water fish like salmon, trout or mackrel.

An itchy scalp can sometimes be a sign that the fungus responsible for dandruff is working overtime. This doesn’t always mean white flakes will be visible.

Check out our flake fighting section for a solution to everything dandruff-related.

Greasy hair can be hereditary, hormonal or simply due to a build-up of product. For starters, use a shampoo that’s specifically designed for oily hair and remember to rinse it out with lukewarm water – hotter temperatures will make your scalp produce more oil.

Harsh products that strip away your hair’s natural oils can sometimes cause your scalp to overcompensate, so try taking a day off from shampooing every once in a while.

It’s completely normal to shed around 100 hairs on a daily Basis.

If your hair loss is more severe, it could be a sign of male pattern baldness, which has more to do with genetics than Age.

Short hair is considerably less hassle to care for than long hair but that doesn’t mean you can leave it be.

Your scalp still needs tender loving care to ensure hair grows strong and healthy. This means using the right water temperature, exfoliating and protecting it from the sun.

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